The Ultimate Camp Kitchen Packing List

Calling all car campers, glampers and RV buffs! This ultimate camp kitchen packing list ensures you’re well-prepared for cooking delicious meals in the great outdoors. Do you NEED everything on this list? Heck no! It all depends on what, where and how you plan on cooking. This may change from trip to another for you as well. 

This list was curated with front country adventures and camping in mind. What do we mean by front country? Front country encompasses areas that are relatively accessible rather than remote (a.k.a. places where you’re not worried about the weight and amount of space needed for the gear you’re bringing because you’re not physically carrying or hiking it in). 

Stove & Cooktop:

Table Setup:

Food storage:


Clean Up:


Pro Tips:

  • Although you likely have many of these things in your kitchen at home, buy ones specifically for camping and outdoor adventure use. This way you’re never worried about damaging your good at-home gear. (Second hand stores are often loaded with this type of stuff!)
  • Keep all of your camp kitchen gear stored together in a large bin(s) (except condiments). This way your camp kitchen is always easy to pack and ready to go.  
  • Make use of silica packets you come across by storing them with your cooking pots and pans (especially if you live in a humid environment). They help avoid corrosion (a.k.a rust!)
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