Packing for Your Four-Legged Adventure Buddy

The wilderness is wild – even for our wolf-like roommates. Although they’re certainly more comfortable with facing the elements than we are, there are a handful of items that are extremely useful to ensure a safe adventure for our canine friends. Below is what I pack before heading out on outdoor adventures with my dogs: 

Packing List

  • Food. I always pack at least 1 extra meal incase we’re out longer than expected.
  • Water. Especially if your route does not have easily accessible water for your dog.
  • Food/water bowl. Light weight and collapsable are best.
  • Doggie first-aid kit. See our post DIY Doggie First-Aid Kit for suggested contents.
  • Treats. In case you need to win over their attention! Or simply for love. 
  • Leash. For your pets safety – but also FYI: Provincial & National parks REQUIRE dogs to be on a leash – otherwise expect a hefty fine!
  • Small quick drying towel. A towel can come in handy in so many different ways. Nothing worse than muddy paws jumping all over your tent! It’s also useful as a bed or for emergency situations with your pet.
  • Poop Bags
  • Booties. A good idea even for the big dogs! Winter treks risk ice build up, and porous or rough rock face risks tearing their paw pads.
  • Dog pack. Definitely more of a luxury than anything – but hey – if they can help take some weight out of your backpack, why not?
  • Favourite small toy. Not a necessity either but definitely useful for puppies when setting up and relaxing at camp – or even when taking a lunch break. 
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