>> About Nomad's Kitchen

Elevating the outdoor cooking experience.

Our vision is to be the go-to destination for individuals seeking a diverse collection of delicious, nutritious and practical recipes to elevate their outdoor cooking experiences.

By providing tools and resources to prepare wholesome and flavourful meals in the great outdoors, we aim to foster a community of outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize health, sustainability and a deeper connection with nature through food.

Hello! My name's Briana - but most people call me Bri.

I grew up in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and would often spend my summers camping. Back then that encompassed playing kick the can and stuffing my face full of roasted marshmallows. Now a days, I still love camping, but it typically involves me packing my bag and hiking – or biking – to a remote piece of wilderness. 

I remember being on my first backcountry camping trip, exhausted from hiking up what felt like Mt. Everest, and being so excited to cook myself a warm and satisfying dinner. I opened up my pack – what did I have? Instant ramen – which is basically just salt water. Many regrets – and stages of dehydration – were felt that day. Since then, I’ve stood by the notion that sacrificing nutrition and flavour is not necessary while exploring outdoors. Cooking healthy and delicious foods is possible – even in the most remote places.

(Note: I’m not a complete hater of instant ramen – there’s some great ways to transform it into a wicked and relatively healthy meal)

In addition to years of trial and error prepping meals for my outdoor pursuits, I’ve built a deeper connection with nature through nutrition while completing my degree in Health and Physical Education (with a major in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership).  

With Nomad’s Kitchen, I aim to combine my knowledge of health and nutrition – with my passion for the outdoors – to continue learning and teaching others how to redefine the outdoor culinary experience.

>> The Taste Testers


Okay, so they’re not really my taste testers. If that were the case, even my failed experiments would get the paws up (especially from Wilson). But they certainly love to keep me company in the kitchen – and on outdoor adventures.